We are an affinity group of responsible people who take pride in our work and take our lives seriously. We share the goal of a transformation of society, so we can live without the state, without classes, with mutual reciprocity, voluntary cooperation, and freedom of desire.

We believe that success is not measured by monetary wealth or position within a hierarchy; but by the quality of our association amongst equals and by our measure of self-actualization.

We believe that the best way to create positive change is with care of ourselves, our families, our partners, and each other. We aim for a sustainable approach to work and life, because that is the best way to maximize long-term meaning, while retaining clarity of vision.

We are fully aware of the contradictions of our participation in consumer culture, the spectacle, self-promotion, and capitalism. We maintain the resolve that the act of publishing physical books at a fair price, and providing digital copies for free– is a fair compromise. We believe that the book is an object of art, one to inspire contemplation, as such— our printed editions are high quality, very limited print runs in order to subsidize the cost of providing “gratis libre” digital editions: without cost, and without copy restriction.

Our mission is to create worthwhile things that might last; and give them back to like-minded Others.


  1. Julian A.

    Co-founder & Publisher, Editor

  2. 友坂未█ (Tomosaka M.)


  3. Mélanie B.

    Copy Editor, Design & Typesetting

  4. 0xADADA

    Co-founder, Creative Director, Typesetting, Engineering

  5. Yohanan A.


  6. Gemma A.

    Distribution & Logistics

  7. Paige P.

    Customer Service & Orders

  8. █████ █.

    Customer Service

  9. now hiring

    International Rights, Legal


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